Now more than ever we need power in our lives when we are camping.  We want a fast, easy solution to power our phones, our fridges, our lights, our speakers, our laptops and our cameras.

Whether we are skipping to the beach for the day or spending a few days off the grid, a reliable portable power supply is essential.  This is when you really need a solution that ticks the 5 main boxes for your power needs;

• Lightweight

• Power for days

• Fast charging

• Multiple charge ports

• Durable


In ticking all these boxes, lets introduce you to the NPS200.

 The NPS200 is a portable outdoor power station with a maximum output of 150W, a high capacity of 196.56Wh and various output ports including 12V, cigarette lighter, 4 USB ports, and a DC outlet.  Nitecore's technology is lightweight and coms in a compact, ultra-portable design.