The James Baroud Horizon Vision is the go to option in the soft shell rooftop tent world.  At 48 kg it is up to 20kg lighter than similar competitor tents. A collapsed size of 1540 x 1100 x 300 mm, provides a sleek feature on your vehicle and is economical on fuel.

Compact convenience is essential for a soft-shell tent and James Baroud sets a new approach to tent design with the Horizon Vision.

  • Ease of use : The first soft-sided tent to include hydraulic struts to assist with opening and closing. From start to finish, I have routinely had the tent sleep-ready in under four minutes. I can get the tent fully stowed in as little as six or seven minutes with no rushing or effort involved.
  • Aluminised synthetic fabric. This is proprietary to James Baroud root top tents, that heavy-duty fabric is fully waterproof, resists UV damage, and reflects harsh light providing for a cooler tent interior.
  • Two full-size mesh doors and four large zippered mesh windows create a pleasant panoramic view and gives air pass-through on warmer nights.


  • An all-aluminum structure with no use of wood or other materials that could age, weather, or degrade
  • Wind tested to speeds up to 90 kmh.

The use of additional support legs gives the tent solid footing and allows the user to select a preferred angle for the ladder.

  • A super comfortable sleeping platform that measures 1540mm wide and almost 2100 mm long, 1200 mm peak height.
  • Two adults and one child have more than enough room
  • Internal storage convenient for storing shoes, bags, clothing
  • Perfectly suited for all vehicles, both small sedans and large SUVs
  • Set to either side of the car (East-West or South-North) so you can chose your opening side (either side or rear)
  • Our compact design allows 2 tents on one car, with the correct roof rack setup
  • Our guarantee - being an authentic James Baroud product you also get the comfort of a world class European build quality 
all backed by a 3 year guarantee. vision-open1guarantee-logo

* 3 years guarantee on fabric

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